Our Ship New Build & Ship Repair division provides offers premium services in varied facilities with  solutions with Naval Architecture, Marine, and Project Management.
Ship New Build
Discover interdisciplinary solutions in Naval Architecture, Marine, and Project Management in our Ship New Build division. Committed to strict compliance with Classification Society Rules.
Ship Repair
Our Ship Repair division excels in premium, speedy repairs across diverse facilities. Prioritizing quality and safety, we meet clients' demands in a competitive shipping market.

Our Services

ASMEF excels in quality projects, renowned as a reliable repair facility serving local and global markets. Strategically located near Abu Dhabi fields, we offer a logistical advantage for operators in the region.
Ship New Build Capabilities
• Engineering all vessel types ranging from general cargo to platform supply vessels (PSV)
• All barge types including loading barges, flat-top barges, split barges and custom design barges for offshore use
• Full-support machinery installation
Ship Repair and Docking Capabilities
• Berth laying (up to 500m)
• Dry dock services, and maintenance
• Bollard pull up to 120 tons
• Expertise in aluminum/steel renewal electrical repairs
• Instrumentation
• Blasting/painting works

Rigs / Jack Up Repair and Upgrades Capabilities

• Rig Repairs and Refurbishment
• Rig Upgrades and Modification
• Drilling Equipment Repairs, Refurbishment and Certifications
• Jacking System Repairs and Modifications
• Crane Repairs and Certifications
• NDT and Load Testing
• Helideck Fabrication and Installation
• Accommodation Refurbishment and New Build
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