ASMEF Receives Major Rig Repair Maintenance Project

September 25, 2018

ASMEF recently received a rig repair major maintenance project from one the largest drilling contractors in the Middle East. The project duration is for two months. On the Oil and Gas side ASMEF is working with Siemens to deliver 20 20 ETRs and ITRs for the Haliba Project.

ASMEF has one of the largest facilities in UAE based in ICAD II in Abu Dhabi. The company is a leading fabrication contractor in the onshore and offshore rig repair, ship building and ship repair as well as oil & gas.

The facility’s strategic location makes it suitable for a direct access on both onshore and offshore fields in UAE as well as the UAE borders to serve other neighboring countries and overseas clients and market. It is also considered to be the closest yard to Abu Dhabi oilfields both offshore and onshore. The yard stretches over 280,000 sq. meters with 545 meter water front.