ASMEF seals contract of the ETR and ITR packages from Siemens LLC for Haliba Field Project

Ali & Sons Marine Engineering Factory (ASMEF) has been awarded a contract for the Design, Detailed Engineering, Manufacture and Supply of Electrical Technical Rooms (ETR) and Instrument Technical Room (ITR) by Siemens LLC for Haliba Development project.

Haliba Development plan consists of Full Field Development and full well stream transfer to ADCO ASAB facilities for further processing through an export pipeline of 40000 STBOPD. The facility is designed to operate in two modes, fully automated/ unmanned and the semi-automated/ with minimum manning and the packages that will be manufactured by ASMEF will be installed and will be part of the components to support this facility.

ASMEF’s scope of work covers the design, detailed engineering, procurement and manufacturing of these packages which includes skid fabrication, painting, insulation, architectural work, installation of equipment, internal and external ducting, HVAC & Control panel, high sensitivity smoke detection system, E&I, F&G, FAT, IFAT and site support for various activities which include site installations, systems integration and SAT assistance.