Ali & Sons Marine Engineering Factory (ASMEF) launches the second cargo barges for Petrofac


As a result of the continued good relationship with Petrofac and the successful track record of various projects, Petrofac awarded ASMEF the contract to build two 104 metres Deck Cargo Barges.

The project was awarded on the 15th of October 2014. Both barges have 30 metres breadth, 6.1 metres depth, 4.6 metres draft, 15 tonnes m2 deck load and 1000mm frame spacing. Each hull is of longitudinal framing while the keel is a flat plate type. The barges also have two skegs improved stability and two signal masts. The steel cutting  for the two barges started on 5th February 2015. The first barge, Hull 10 was completed on 5th September 2015 while the second barge, Hull 11 was on 24th October 2015.  Both deck cargo barges were built in ASMEF’s  280,000m2 yard in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  The facility handles diversified business streams including ship repair, new build, rigs,  jack-ups and Oil & Gas projects efficiently and is being constantly developed to the highest industry standards to achieve the highest safety, quality and on time delivery goals to meet the clients’ needs.

Petrofac continues to express the faith in ASMEF with the recent award of 350 tonnes of steel fabrication for the UZ750 Development Project.